Why Bitcoin is not accepted IN most countries

Bitcoin, the King of crypto currency, as is acknowledged at worldwide scale, it was created as a decentralized coin (that means that there is not a Mint or a government in charge of emit it, it is impossible to falsificate, it eliminates the third parties’ intervention, it stops the creation of new coins and puts the 100% of money in the hands of its owner. As you can see Bitcoins has some excellent atributes that are pretty difficult to ignore, but its best feature it becomes a problem to most countries, because Bitcoins as an unreguled currency lacks governability, what makes impossible to Bitcoin to concur with national politics, politics as: taxes, wealth distribution, Social welfare, and search for economic and social equality.

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LegalCoinis a decentralized currency, 100% mining, with independent and unique blockchain, his main trait is the possibility of the pay of taxes, what makes it a legal currency that can be accepted in any country.
As LegalCoin’s creators we truly believe in the need of paying taxes, as a mean to help to the social welfare of our society, without levies it is not possible for countries to construct, hospitals, schools,or to finance projects of social impact.Furthermore we believe in decentralized money, no need of intermediaries, and money that only you handle.

Características De LEGALCOIN

  • There are not intermediaries (banks, cooperatives…)
  • 100% minable.
  • One commission for transaction.(It could be changed according to the currency value, this
  • One commission for transaction.(It could be changed according to the currency value, this commission exists with the sole purpose of improving the red and of paying to the miners)
  • Decentralized
  • Limited amount (supply 100M only)
  • Enables the payment of taxes
  • The money is only of the owner.


Payment Options

Payment Can be done through any mode like BTC, ETH, LTC and USD


Our System uses a very high level of Security Encryption protocal to keep all the coins safe


We are Not restricted to any country like many others on internet


Leagalcoin is like it's name and aimed to comply all the legal compliance to prevent future collisions

Tax Payment

LegalCoin initially will hire representatives in private industry that are connected to various governments around the world.

Special wallets management

There will be special wallets created as full nodes that will represent each country that participates in the LegalCoin Taxation.

How does LEGALCOIN work?

You can imagine going to a supermarket, in the moment you pay for your articles with LEGALCOIN in the establishment’s address,the tax for your buy is automatically send to a special address corresponding to the country where the tax was generated. In order to this being possible we will create an unique amount of special correspondingto each one of the countries in the world.This way when a commercial establishment generates a wallet’s address, this one because of being commercial will beassociated to the special walletand when coins get send to this wallet these will be deduced to pay the taxes immediately.
Common persons could get a common wallet, they will be able to send coins to other countries, send money to each other, without paying taxes, just when they decide to buy in a commercial establishment, orcommercial websites, or to buy articles from another country, these taxes will be deduced from the commercial wallets sent. As you can see there exists the possibility of to create two kinds of wallets: a commercial one and a Common wallet. Anyone can create a commercial wallet associated to a country or a common one.


Our Team

Johann Sining


Sudhansu Dubey

Technical Lead



LegalCoin Benefits

With LegalCoin tax collections is improved and agilizated, automatically the % of taxes goes to the Government coffers, making the merchant save time that he/she would spend otherwise declaring sales, Payment gestion and review, in the case there is rebate. Being decentralized eliminates third parties influence over business, makes possible to send money to different parts of the world between people inmediatelly, easy and safe.

Beacuse of having a limited amount of coins unlike fiat money, money is valued and this value is increasing over the time, it will not be possible to introduce more coins to the market once the 100M coins of supply had been created. .

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Financing of the Project and selling of Token

To the financing of the Project we created 50M of tokenLegalCoin (TLGC) of which just 40M will be sell to the public and the other ten millions will be left as a guarantee in the case we need of more funds to the project, this will be sold to the public if that is the state of affairs, case contrary they will be burned before the mining launching. Tokens will be from the plataform ethereum, because of that it will be only possible to buy them via ethereum. Our goal is to collect 10 millions de dollars. In no case an investor can buy more than 50 thousand dollars on. The financing is neccesary for the payment of developers, experts group and everybody. Tokens can be changed in the change houses.

LEGALCOIN Mining Process

We are going to Pre-mine 35M LegalCoin, to pay 25M investors, and 10M for Team, the rest 65M legal coin will be mining. The mining process will be normal, only 2M will be mined for year. The 65% of the coins will be mined in 32.5 years. The type of algorithm to be chosen will be studied and made known as soon as possible. Below we show a graph of the mining vs time.

Route Map

  • Q4 2017: Token Sale
  • Q4 2018:Launching blockchain, mining, and wallets.
  • Q4 2020 Individual change to the % for taxesto special wallet.
  • Q4 2022:End of exchange of token.
  • 2022 Change% tax by group products.
  • 2025:Intelligent contracts.
  • 2030:Red Improvement.

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